Same Day Dentistry

Have you ever had a crown done on one of your teeth?  Well if you have, you know the process is not immediate, it involves messy impressions, and unreliable temporary teeth while waiting for the final crown.

If this has been your experience so far, we have some good news for you—it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. At Boyd Family Dentistry, we’re excited to offer same-day dentistry using the incredible CEREC milling units. Thanks to CEREC, procedures that once took several appointments can now be completed in a single visit to our Shreveport office.

Combined Experience

When it comes to helping patients with CEREC, Dr. Jared Boyd and Dr. McKenzy Boyd have a combined level of experience that allows them to help you achieve the perfect smile.

They have attended several courses in Scottsdale, AZ, and have helped hundreds receive a healthy tooth and beautiful smile in just one visit.

Smile Makeovers

How convenient would it be for you to transform your smile in the same visit? At Boyd Family Dentistry, we can help you improve the health and beauty of six to eight teeth over the course of just a single visit. Our CEREC milling unit will create your crowns as you wait comfortably in our dental chair. When they’re ready, we’ll ensure that they’re the correct color and shape before cementing them in place to complete your smile. At the end of your visit, you can leave with a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Tooth-Colored Inlays & Onlays

Do you have a cavity or a chipped tooth? With the CEREC we are able to be very conservative and preserve your tooth structure by just replacing what is missing or decayed.  Previously a crown that covered the entire tooth was necessary to fix your problem but now an inlay or onlay can solve the problem instead. Inlays and onlays function like fillings, but instead of being made from composite resin they’re milled from porcelain. Inlays are designed to fit between the bumps on top of our teeth (known as the cusps) while onlays are made to fit over one or more of these cusps. With both of these exceptional services you can reclaim up to 95% of your tooth’s original strength.

Metal-Free Crowns

Have you ever had a crown that started to show black around your gums?  That is because after time your metal crown may start to show when you smile.  For as long as dentists have been using dental crowns, these restorations have been made from a variety of materials, including gold. However metal crowns don’t have the most natural appearance. That’s why, whenever possible, we prefer to use metal-free crowns. Metal-free crowns look more natural, they can also be created in our Shreveport office with our CEREC milling units.

Root Canal Therapy

Short on time and you know you need a root canal?  Only feel like getting numb once instead of twice?  While most dental practices offer root canal therapy, few dentists can complete your entire procedure–which includes placing a custom-made crown–in a single visit. A second visit is often required to put the finishing touches on your tooth. But because Drs. Jared Boyd and McKenzy Boyd have invested in CEREC milling unit, we can complete both your root canal and your final crown in one appointment. Imagine coming to our office with a severe toothache and leaving with a perfectly healthy tooth later that day. At Boyd Family Dentistry, that’s what you can look forward to.

Dental Implants

Missing a tooth?  Did you know you could have a new tooth in as little as two appointments?  A full implant procedure is completed over two visits. In the first visit, one or more implants are surgically placed in your jaw. The second visit involves taking a picture of your implant and making your tooth.  Before CEREC messy impression were involved and an abutment try-in took place.  Sometimes if the impression was distorted we would have to take a new impression and send it back to the dental lab costing you time and frustration.  Now at Boyd Family Dentistry, we can use our CEREC units to speed up the second half of your treatment. CEREC allows us to mill your abutment(s) and your crown(s) in one visit so we can attach them that same day.